Keyword Optimization: Mastering Word Play for your Game App

Keyword Optimization: Mastering Word Play for your Game App

Why are Keywords Important?

As a famous song goes, “it’s all about the wordplay”. Keywords are basically words that people type into the search bar when looking for a game in mind. This is why keywords are crucial to your app store optimization strategy, because you want people to find you with the right words, and also, you use the right keywords to get you in the high ranking of the app store. With the right keywords and word play, gamers who are trying to find a specific type of game app, end up finding yours. 

Organic app store search makes up for about 70% of app downloads. Users tend to have something in mind, searching for keywords to find a specific game app in the app store. This is why your ASO marketing game strat is mastering your word play for your game app, which will get you discovered and downloaded in no time.

Where to find keyword ideas?

Here’s some neat ways you can get ideas for the perfect keywords designed to get your game app found!

  • Research on your competitors, analyze which keywords they use: it’s good to know what you’re up against in the app store space, and taking on the keywords your competitor game apps have might help in boosting your game in the market! 
  • Check out reviews and comments from your player base: those who download your game might be looking for something specific in the game features or mechanics, or have high praise for something they found in your game! Be sure to analyze which words your users take to describe your game app! 
  • Brainstorm with your trusted circles. Peer reviews and just having someone to bounce off ideas help you get into an understanding on how they would search for your game app in the app stores!
  • Use game distribution tools that allow you to search the numbers and popularity of certain keywords. Google’s keyword planner shows you how frequently a specific keyword is used for google search per month and gets you an idea of what’s trending on the web. You can also use an AI-powered ASO that keeps track of your target market’s use of keywords in the search volume without having to look for it yourself!
  • Advertising also plays in the app’s visibility in search results and behavior. Currently Apple is trying to improve a user’s search experience in the App Store with Search Ads, wherein iOS developers would get the opportunity to advertise their app based on keyword search.

How to Master Keyword Optimization

Know the Relevant Keywords for your Game App

Keywords are one of the major elements in App Store Optimization, as users often use keywords in various combinations to search for your app. One of the important actions to take when you start your App Store Optimization is knowing what is relevant to your game app and brand to maximize the chances you’ll have in being discovered by potential players.

Find the Balance between Popular and Competitive Keywords

In relation to the first point, the heart of a good keyword strategy is a solid base of relevant keywords matching with your app. At the same time, your focus keywords should show the right balance between competition and search volume. You have to consider the balance of going after what’s popular, but also the competitive edge for your game app against other games. 

Comparisons also help in understanding the ranking for a specific search term and how popular it is in the App Stores. This helps you get an overview of your app store performance and gives you a feeling of how to further optimize your ASO Keyword strat game. This can also be done without you having to make that analysis: there are technologies being made available to game developers that analyze the popular and competitive keywords for your game app!

Users often show a higher request for very generic terms known as short-tail keywords. However, competition for those keywords is considerably high. Due to their general broad usage, they’re often relevant and desired for various other apps, not just in gaming. This makes it difficult for you to break into the ranks, however, including rather specific search terms lets you face lower competition and a greater chance to get your app downloaded. But there’s also the risk of your game app due to the specific niche, so it’s good to play around with specific search terms and the generic terms; this helps you catch those users with higher intentions to download your game app. Having a good keyword strategy implemented means you can acquire those users for your game app!

Know which Keywords work well and which do not

In order to optimize your keyword strategy, you have to know which keywords work for your game app, and which do not. Tools like slab can help you with that by tracking ranking results based on specific keywords and app store behavior, showing you how your app ranks for a keyword and whether it lets your app decline or rise in search results. Reports on statistics help you determine how the keywords are working to your benefit in being discovered, and even if some words may be relevant to your game, it’s good to know what would work to your favor in the long run! 

Consider App Store Search Behavior

To optimize for search results, it’s important to understand how users are searching. When it comes to keyword optimization, you have to consider the difference between app store search behavior and online search behavior.

While online search queries commonly consist of various keywords and phrases, searches on the app store are preferably short and generic. The majority of app store search queries consist of several words expressing some functionality of the app. Also keep in mind that app search is more specific, with brand names being very likely keyword searches in the app store, as users often try to find a specific app. This is why branding is important: the name of your game should be something unique and makes an impression on the player’s mind when they come across social media posts or when they come across your game app in ranks in a specific game genre. Players and users look for game apps that have a specific idea in mind and it’s something that falls under their interests to spend their time on. 

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