Game Localization and why is it important?

Today, to be able to successfully target a widest global audience possible for you game, you need to optimize it for all the app stores. This strategy is called app store optimization (ASO), and when done right, can increase your organic free installs significantly.

When executed properly, ASO can increase the game’s organic install base substantially! We have seen our client’s users jump by 1,100% over 2 weeks when we started robust ASO of their game. Best of all, these users are free and have much better engagement and retention metrics than the paid users.

What is game localization in ASO context?

Game localization is the process of a using attributes specific to the target region or country when marketing the game. These attributes are usually using the target country’ language and also modifying the game graphics to highlight some local icons, colors, landmarks, etc. Basically, the entire process is to increase your game’s free organic installs by making it easier for the target audience to find your game (through local language search) and then also download it through “familiar” graphics.

Game localization involves several iterative processes. Unfortunately, they can be rather complex and time-consuming as they are manual in nature.

Some key ASO processes:

In this process, all the game’s associated text (name, heading, game description, keywords) is translated into localized languages for the country.

Localized adaptation

Some games don’t fit or adjust in certain regions. Game developers and game distributors should investigate the interest of the local audience. And then, they should publish the games according to the local adaptation policy.

In China, games having blood, skull, and religious content are not permitted. In Australia, you cannot publish your game with alcoholic or drug content. So, an essential part of game localization is regional adaptation. Take it into consideration while developing and publishing your game so that you don’t run afoul of local laws.


Graphics can also be localized for the target country by adopting certain color themes and icon or landmark overlays on master graphics. This creates a sense of familiarity for the viewer. By localizing graphics, we have seen our clicks/views-to-install ratio increase 8x!

All these above processes require a lot of time and resources, and can be especially daunting for a small team. But, these are key to the success and sales of your game. And best of all – can get you free installs!

Benefits of game localization

The game localization process requires lots of time and hard work, but we believe there are some tremendous benefits for investing in ASO:

  • Game localization helps significantly in boosting game distribution and sales.
  • It allows game developers to increase their presence be in the highly competitive markets.
  • Unlocking new markets.
  • Game localization boosts App Store Optimization (ASO).
  • Increased revenues.

How SLAB enables developers to localize games?

As game developers ourselves, we know the significant challenges of localizing games. The process is quite manual and requires a fair bit of resources (time, knowledge, money). It’s not just about translating in all the various languages for the countries the app stores are in, but also ensuring that this process is repeated weekly with different keywords, phrases and graphics.

To solve these challenges, SLAB’s platform will help you localize your storefront and iterate for free. Our fully automated AI-powered platform enables developers to publish their mobile games confidently, offering a smooth and effortless process to reach a massive localized market for your mobile games.

So, if you are a mobile game developer, we would love to partner with you to grow your game. We offer instant localized launching on all Apple app stores and Google Play stores. Our platform has simplified dashboards and navigation.

For more details, register on our website: If you just want to have a no-obligation chat with us on how you can localize and optimize your game for the storefronts, then just schedule one here:

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