About the Founders

co-founders have over 40 years of combined Startup, AI, Technology, Games, Management and Operations experience. Colleagues and friends for over 8 years.

Sebastian Lagemann

Founder + Technology & Product

Anant Bakre

Founder + Strategy & Operations

The reason why slab exists

Visibility is Key to Every App's Success.

As passionate game developers, players, marketeers and overall enthusiasts of the games’ ecosystem, we are solving a simple disconnect.

Secret Formula: Visibility = Downloads

“A game without ASO is like waving at people in the dark. You know that you exist, but they don’t.”


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Developing a game and publishing it nowadays might be easy*, until you realize that getting your games noticed is a whole different universe and after working hard on your game, over 3 billion gamers worldwide don’t know it exist

App Store Optimization or ASO is the secret behind getting your games noticed initially. As a developer you start doing Storefront Optimizations to get initial traction and Paid User Acquisitions to scale, as soon your KPIs are right. Both require expert marketing knowledge though, and a large investment in time, and money.

There are many paid services available providing data for ASO, but all of them are still required to be worked on by a dedicated team. So, either you Build Your Own Marketing Team or hire a Marketing Agency. Both are proven effective, but that’s if you can foot the bill and are able to find the right resources. And, you also need the expertise of doing the right decision for your specific game. SLAB exists to serve the enormous percentage of those who can’t do manual ASO and Paid User Acquisition on their own, which is probably 95% of the entire independent game development industry.

We understand these problems and have solved it through a service we call SLAB. An AI-Technology based platform that relieves users of all the manual work completely and it shows results fast. This of course is made especially for the MILLIONS of Independent Game Developers around the world.

SLAB is the first of its kind. Up until now, there wasn’t a platform to do ASO and Paid User Acquisition autonomously. our AI learning platform continuously improves the visibility of games by performing extensive optimization work in real-time, 24-7, and while you sleep. 

With SLAB, you can focus your energy, and time on building your dream game, without worrying about your games’ visibility when published. 

We’ve been getting a steady buzz – people discovering and talking about it, and people experiencing goosebumps over it. We have created something new, something needed, and something no one else has made before. On our end, we are perfecting it and we need your help. Come join us in this new revolution!

Sebastian Lagemann, 2023

top 3 things we're working on

Finalize Paid User Acquisition Feature

Start Monetizing on Existing User Base

Scale: Marketing /
Growth Hacking

Product Validation with High Market Interest

Seraph Game Studio, an early adopter of slab have seen success with their games’ ranking results. This data attests to slab’s sorcery.

Actual dashboard screenshot from Google Play Store from user Seraph Games

Slab's Business Model


For early-stage game developers and publishers to help grow their game initially & build real partnerships


Advanced premium tools are available to improve the conversion rate funnel for game growth and success.


Game revenue-based, automated Marketeer to scale limitless beyond organic growth with stunning return-of-investment.

Early Adopters

Investors Believing in Slab